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      Business Unit 2 Profile

      Business Unit 2 specializes in developing and manufacturing DC motor, servo motor and coils of linear motor with diameter range ¢35~110mm. Currently, we have 10 series and more than 300 models of DC motor and servo motor with different diameters including 22/33/40/44/53/61/63/65/68/76mm and more than 30 models of coil with shape size from 37x63mm to 223x27mm. Our products are mainly used in golf trolley, electric wheelchair, electric scooter, wheel robot, electric ship, oil press, noodle making machine, CNC lathe and printing & packaging machine, and so on.

      The predecessor of Business Unit 2 is Special Motor Department, founded in 2005, mainly producing motors with special type or for special purpose by customizing. So far Business Unit 2 has a total of 53 employees. The sales are up to 30 million in RMB in 2015. We always pursue a quality policy: Customer satisfaction is our responsibility and continuous improvement is our pursuit. Based on the philosophy of providing best service and complete solution, we continuously improve core competitiveness to achieve a multi-win situation among Business Unit, headquarter, customer, supplier and employee at last.