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      Business Unit 5 Profile

      Dongchang Motor (Shenzhen) LTD, founded in 1996, is located in Hong Tian Jin Yuan Industrial Park, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. Dongchang Motor units motor technology R&D, production and sales together as one of Hong Kong companies. In 2012, Dongchang Motor was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology,holding nearly 30 patents for motor and related technologies.

      Dongchang Motor always pursues a quality policy: Customer satisfaction is our responsibility and continuous improvement is our pursuit. Complete product development, improve manufacturing process and enhance product quality and service continuously.

      Under the lead of cooperate culture and quality policy, Dongchang Motor started the story of brushless DC motors:

      In 2009, company began and completed brushless DC motor project successfully for Power tools of Panasonic. Finally, we realized mass production.

      In 2011, company enlarged investments to develop brushless motors, established a professional team in brushless motor development and started to construct brushless motor platform as planned. Moreover, we sold 20 million sales of brushless motors in 2014.

      In 2015, brushless DC motor project group successfully upgraded as a business unit functioning and calculating independently and becomes more dedicated in brushless DC motor R & D, production, sales and service. Meanwhile, more than 30 million sales of brushless motors have been sold worldwide in 2015.

      By 2016, we plan to sell 50 million sales in brushless motors. With 3-year vision, we target to complete one hundred million sales in brushless motors by 2018.

      So far the business unit has a total of 32 employees, among which 16 are DL and 16 are IDL. More than 90% of the IDL have college degree or above. It’s a team with high professional quality in motor development and manufacturing.

      Currently, we have 12 series of inner rotor brushless motors with different diameters including 26/34/40/42/48/50/51/52/54/64/84/100 and 3 series of outer rotor brushless motors with different diameters including 60/180/270.The application covers a power range of 1 ~ 1000W,input voltage range of 6-220V, Max speed can reach to 100,000rpm. We serve a broad range of industries as below:

      PTZ series (50-Series, mainly applied in video cameras, surveillance equipment, etc.)

      Power tools series (34/42/48/51/52/64-Series, mainly applied in electric drill, electric wrench, electric hammer, impact screwdriver and angle grinders, etc.)

      Blower series (54/60/64/84-Series, mainly applied in cooling fan, fan coil, range hoods, air refreshers, etc.)

      Pump series (54/64-Series)

      Hygiene, environmental protection series (Auto scrubber 180/270-Series)

      Brushless servo robot series (84-Series)

      Switch reluctance motor application series

      At present, we mainly serve well-known overseas customers as Cisco (America), Ingersoll Rand (America), Hilti (Germany), Panasonnic (Japan) and Diversey (Switzerland) and so on. Meanwhile, we actively develop the domestic market and cooperate with brand power tools customers as Nanjing INVOX, Zhejiang Minglei Industry Co. Ltd., Zhejiang JINBO TOOLS, Nantong Dayi Tools and Wuxi Xinju Tools, etc.

      We focus on the efficient and energy-saving brushless motor development and production. The Group’s business strategy is based on the twin pillars of providing quality motor and building high-end brand. Continuously improve product technology content, strengthen core competitiveness and achieve the sustained, rapid and steady development.

      We firmly believe in the orientation of the values: Awareness, Mindfulness and Positive Energy. We insist this brushless DC motor career and our team will be your best reliable partner.