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      Business Unit 6 Profile

      Business Unit 6 strive for a target - being a reliable strategic partner of all major electric motor manufacturers in metal parts supply. Our products include, but are not limited to: lamination, motor housing, end cap, bracket, magnet holder, backing plate, etc. Our processes include pipe machining, blacking and punching, strip rolling and bending, deep drawing and CNC machining. Customization can be made according to customer demands.

      Business unit 6 believes in the principle “Talents are the most valuable resource”. Our team have excellent talents who have 15-year proven expertise and experience in tooling design and making, in addition to full processing facilities. These resources allow us to deliver our customers the more cost-effective and efficient stamping tooling with high precision, consistent quality and long service life. Our customers praise that our tooling help them to save their time and money.

      Business Unit 6 always pursues a quality policy: Customer satisfaction is our responsibility and continuous improvement is our pursuit. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with Panasonic specialists, it keeps us at the cutting edge of innovation. We have all necessary processing machine including more than 10 sets of high speed press, pneumatic presses, pipe cutting machine, steel strip rolling machine and automatic cutting with chamfering machine, etc. Our quality objective is to meet or exceed our customer requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional and cost effective manner. Our CSRs are energy saving, material saving, waste elimination, pollution abatement and regulatory. All materials in our products are compliant with ROHS and REACH.

      Business Unit 6 sticks to the philosophy of cooperation and win-win. Pease contact us to have a better understanding of what products and service we can offer..